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For Patients


Clinical psychologists and other mental health trained clinicians

A referral from a General Practitioner under a "Mental Health Care Plan" is necessary to claim the Medicare rebate. Eligible individuals can receive up to 10 individual sessions in a calendar year. Your GP will assess your progress after six sessions. After you have reached the maximum number of allowable sessions for the calendar year, you will not be eligible for any further Medicare rebates for treatment you received from a psychologist until the new calendar year. If you have private health insurance this may then be utilised if further ongoing clinical psychology sessions are required.


Allied health clinicians

The "Chronic Disease Management Plan" is part of the government initiatives that assist the people living with a chronic and/or complex medical illness. Medicare rebates are available for treatment from Allied health professionals who are assisting in managing the illness. The initiative allows a person with a complex and/or chronic medical illness to claim a Medicare rebate for up to 5 visits (in total) to certain allied health professionals within a calendar year. The individual must be referred by a GP who is managing them under a GP management plan and team care arrangement.


If you have private health care insurance that covers allied health sessions then you may like to claim some of the cost of speech pathology sessions through this. 


Self-referral is possible if you wish to see a clinical psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist or speech pathologist. You will be asked to pay privately if this is your preference. Please feel free to discuss options with reception staff prior to your appointment with a clinician.


Please arrive with your child 10 minutes prior to the time booked for your first appointment.


Fees and Rebates

Private healthcare rebates

Private health fund rebate for speech pathology, occupational therapy and clinical psychology sessions are available from most funds. Please check with your private health care fund prior to sessions.


Medicare items for assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Medicare items are available for the diagnosis and treatment of children with an autism spectrum disorder. These items apply to services provided by eligible psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists, on referral from a consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist. The Medicare items cover two specific types of services-assessment services, and treatment services.


  • For assessment Medicare rebated services are available for up to 4 services for assessment (in total per child) aged under 13 years of age;

  • And up to 20 treatment services in a child's lifetime for diagnosis prior to 15 years of age.


Please contact us for further information in relation to the cost of the appointment, which must be paid in full on the day of appointment, along with expected Medicare rebates. Please check with your private health insurer about any rebate you may be entitled to.


Information for Appointments


We greatly appreciate cancellations being made more than 24 hours before the appointments so another patient can be booked in.



After your appointment payment is expected on the day (cash, EFTPOS, credit card). It will be submitted to Medicare online and the Medicare rebate will then be deposited into your bank account. If you are not in a position to pay private practice fees then please ask your doctor to refer you to your local child development service. We do not offer discounts for healthcare cardholders.


NDIS Registered Provider

The Hub is an official registered therapy provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If your child receives a disability diagnosis, whether it be autism, intellectual disability or another disability, they will be eligible to receive government funding through the NDIS. This funding is accessible to the family to help pay for treatment services.

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