National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The Hub is a registered NDIS service provider with Therapy services that include:- Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Social Worker offering play therapy, counselling and sensorimotor psychotherapy.

If your child receives a disability diagnosis, whether it be autism, intellectual disability or another disability, they will be eligible to receive government funding through the NDIS. This funding is accessible to the family to help pay for treatment services.


The Hub provides a family focused service that is easy to access and understand, at the right time and in one location. This is done in partnership with families working with a clinical consultant to achieve the best outcomes. The Hub's multi-faceted team offers a trans-disciplinary treatment approach so your child can access a combination of intervention services with the one therapy provider. The Hub provides services to best suit your child's needs and individual circumstances including clinic, home and school based services.


Therapies offered at The Hub incorporate various play, behavioural, social, language, motor and sensory based approaches that are provided by our experienced team of clinicians. Our promise is to support and empower both you and your child so that your child achieves functional development that is sustainable. Intervention goals are developed in collaboration with families and are embedded into the family's daily life to allow for natural progression and ease of development. Ultimately we endeavour to assist your child reach their full potential and live the most independent and fulfilling life they can live.